Micronutrients are those nutrient elements, which are required in very small quantities for plant growth and development. The micronutrients essential for green plants are iron, copper, manganese, zinc, boron, molybdenum and chloride. Most of the micronutrients are important constituents of enzymes or co-enzymes produced by an organism for performing various physiological processes. When the availability of these elements is very low, it produces characteristic deficiency symptoms and the plant growth is affected. On the other hand, excess availability and uptake of these elements may cause phytotoxic symptoms resulting in lower yields. Hence, it is always essential to maintain their availability at optimum levels and in correct proportions for realizing the highest productivity. Micronutrients play a very vital role for growth and development of sugarcane. Micronutrients reduce the severity of disease. The results indicate that there was no disease incidence in Zinc sulphate, Borax, Zinc sulphate+Borax, Zinc sulphate+Copper sulphate+Borax and Borax+Elemental sulphur. Zn (zinc sulphate) + Cu (copper sulphate) + B (borax) not only reduced the disease but also enhance the yield and growth parameters i.e. clumps, tillers, cane girth, cane height, cane weight, nodes, internodes, brix, sucrops % juice purity, CCS (commercial cane sugar), cane yield and CCS yield. A very high amount of biomass is produced by sugarcane, which results in greater removal of micronutrients.