Chilli plant belonging to Solonaceae family is one of the major cash crop grown in India. Chilli being a good source of vitamin is used in wide range of medicines against tonsillitis, diphtheria, loss of appetite etc., Application of inorganic fertiliser in soil for the growth of plants has deteriorated the quality of soil and reduced the plant growth and yield. The paper examines the effect of Amirthakaraisal, an organic fertiliser on the growth of chilli plant. The organic fertiliser Amirthakaraisal is prepared by using only the cow ingredients. The seeds of chilli plant were soaked in various concentration of organic manure (1%, 3%, 5% & 7%) prior germination. Organic fertiliser at the rate of 1, 3, 5 , 7 % concentration was sprayed on all plants. Plant height and root length were measured. Maximum shoot length and root length were observed in the plants treated with 7% organic manure. Effective results were obtained after application of organic fertilisers as compared to water as control.