Mukesh Topwal, Geeta Gaur and Pooja Kaintura

In present investigation simple correlation coefficient was calculated for eleven characters in 60 germplasm during January to May, 2009 on Vegetable Research Centre (VRC) of Department of Vegetable Science, G.B.P.U.A.T., Pantnagar. Observations were recorded on plant height, pod length, no. of pods per plant, no. of seeds per pod, days to first flowering, days to 50 per cent flowering, days to 50 per cent pod setting, pod yield per plant, seed yield per plant, 100-seed weight and days to maturity on five random selected plants in each replication for each germplasm. Correlation coefficient studies indicated that pod yield per plant was positively and significantly correlated with seed yield per plant, and days to maturity, but positive and non significant association was found with 100-seed weight.